Introductory Nuclear Physics

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PHY431 Homework Set 4 Reading: Lecture Notes Homework: See below: Due date: Wednesday Feb 16 Hints and Solutions Problem IV.1 Explain why the 48 Ni nucleus is worth searching for. Why is it expected to be stable enough for observation, and what does this tell us specifically about the nuclear energy level structure? Hints: no hints Solution: The 48 Ni nucleus is doubly magic, and thus should be very stable from the point of its shell structure, which counteracts the large Coulomb repulsion that arises from the large surplus of protons as compared to neutrons. The nucleus is a sensitive test of nuclear structure at the very edge of stability. It is possibly a nucleus that is possibly quite deformed (which lowers the Coulomb repulsion somewhat). The pattern of lifetimes of nuclei near the edge of stability allows us to refine nuclear structure models. Lastly, the possible decay via proton drip (emission) is a process like alpha emission, but easier to theoretically decribe. Problem IV.2
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