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Anthony Polzine Fighting Assimilation Stereotypes Assignment The essay I would like to talk about would be fighting assimilation. As the author would say Black Momma Praxis a term derived from the minority trying to blend into the majority. I feel like this is a stereotype that is a problem to a certain extent. It can be a problem if it gets to a point to have to change your physical appearance to blend in to the majority. To become better than the majority you have to become more literate, punctual, and be able to get threw the door of adversity so you can make change. A lot of stereotypes in this essay such as talking educated people think you are talking white. It seems that people are so ignorant that they do devalue academic achievements, just to
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Unformatted text preview: perpetuate the circumstances but everyone is not like that I have noticed when I was in high school a lot of people say that but when you are around more educated people such as being at A&T I don’t here people say it as much. Another stereotype is how mothers wanting there daughter to marry a light skinned man. I feel like that does still happened today but more and more people are not looking at race as much as they did twenty thirty years ago. So I think for the most part people are starting to realize that black is beautiful. I am not saying that know body looks at color but I’m saying it is not as prevalent as it was a few decades ago....
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