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Unformatted text preview: what is wrong with the studentʹs reasoning? Problem 3 Let μ be the hourly wage (excluding tips) for workers who provide hotel room service in a large city. A random sample of a number (more than 30) of such workers yielded a 95% confidence interval for μ of $8.46 to $9.86 using the normal distribution with a known population standard deviation. a. Find the value of for this sample. b. Find a 99% confidence interval for μ based on this sample. MINI-PROJECT 1 The following snapshot, reproduced from USA TODAY of August 11, 2009 (with permission of USA TODAY), shows the results of a Randstad survey in which 3032 adults were asked about their desire to obtain a managerial position at work. As shown in the chart, 42% of...
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