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West Civ August 27 Day 1

West Civ August 27 Day 1 -...

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www.history.wadsworth.com/spielvogel06/ Day 1 Paleolithic- “Old Stone Age” From 2,500,000 bc to 10,000 bc Hunters and Gatherers-nomadic-bands of people about 20 or 30 Ate berries, fruits, nut, occasionally plants and wild grains Lived in caves, made paintings by mixing minerals, pigments from fats or animals, brushes of animal hair Couldn’t grow or hunt food, so there were no cities Neolithic -“New Stone Age” 10,000 bc to 4000 bc-probably after last ice age New tools, polished old stones and smoothed them down to make axes Occurred in different places at different times, earliest about 12,000 years ago “agricultural revolution”- biggest change in human behavior ever People learned to farm and began villages and irrigation, had regular food supply Began domesticating animals, began herding sheep, pigs, etc Jericho-story of village being built People began exploring other jobs other than farming-beginning of female/male separation where males work and women keep home Began trade
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