theatre notes pg 13 thru 20

theatre notes pg 13 thru 20 - D rama is a form of theat re...

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Unformatted text preview: D rama is a form of theat re that tells a story about people, thei r actions, and the conflicts that result. Conflict is the key to the movement of a story and is what qualifies a thea rical work as a "play." Conflict is at the core of drama. Both theat re and drama have th ree qualities that make them unique a rt forms; theatre is always live which means theatre cannot be replayed like a film, they are always about human beings, they are often collaborative forms of art requiring more than one type or art and artist to produce. Most common categories of theat re: Commercial theatre-includes big musicals as well as comedies and dramas that are intended to be entertaining and profitable;offer safe themes, plenty of laughs, and spectacle designed to appeal to a majority of people H istorical theatre-presents dramas that use the styles, themes, and staging of plays of a particular historical period; however, the themes are still relevant Political theatre-allows playwrights, directors, and actors to express their personal opinions about current issues, t rends, and politics;this type of theatre is a bully pulpit, an open mike, and a bullhorn that allows the artist to express ideas that are seldom heard in the mainstream media i r in commercial theatre;allows artists to ask an audience to join them in a protest or in calling for social change Experimental plays-experiment with styles and ideas that push the limi ts of theatre Cultural theatre-designed to support the heri tage, customs, and point of view of a particular people, religion, class, country, or community;celebrates human diversity by providing the audience a window into a world that is different from their own or by preserving the unique t raditions of a particular society ...
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theatre notes pg 13 thru 20 - D rama is a form of theat re...

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