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NAME Spring 2008 EARTH SCIENCE 111 QUIZ 2: MINERALS True or False? _____________ 1. The type of chemical bond in which electrons are shared and not transferred is called an ionic bond. _____________ 2. Silicates consist of covalent bonding. _____________ 3. The atomic particle which orbits the nucleus of an atom is called a neutron. Multiple Choice ______ 4. Silicates are made of what element(s)? a. silicon and oxygen b. silicon only c. silicon, oxygen, and nitrogen d. oxygen and nitrogen e. oxygen only ______ 5. The most abundant element in Earth’s crust is ____________.
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Unformatted text preview: a. iron b. aluminum c. silicon d. calcium e. oxygen ______ 6. The second most abundant element in Earths crust is ____________. a. iron b. aluminum c. silicon d. calcium e. oxygen Short Answer 7. List the three main components of an atom. 8. a. List the two main classes of minerals. b. Of these two classes, which one is the most common class of minerals? c. Why is this class the most prominent one for minerals?...
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