BIO 110 Frequently Incorrect Answers(avec anwsers)

BIO 110 Frequently Incorrect Answers(avec anwsers) - BIO...

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BIO 110 Frequently Incorrect Answers 1) Choose the INCORRECT statement: A) Structures are considered homologous if they evolved from the same ancestral structure. B) Homologous structures in different species may perform different functions C) The feathers of a bird’s wing and membrane of a bat’s wing are examples of homologous structures D) Similar functions performed by non-homologous structures are often examples of convergent evolution 2) Which is the most appropriate description of evolution by natural selection? A) Individuals evolve to perfectly match their environment B) Organisms evolve to match their environment out of need C) A population can become more adapted to its environment by natural selection D) Natural selection is a random process 3) Darwin’s finches: A) Showed microevolution on some islands within the span of a few years B) Are “endemic” to the Galapagos Islands C) Evolved from a single finch species that reached the island from South America D) All of the above are true 4) Which is true of human evolution? A) Our species ( Homo sapiens ) co-occurred with other species of Homo in the past B) Humans are presently the only species of the genus Homo on earth C) Recently discovered fossils suggest that at least one species within the genus Homo evolved to become smaller D) All of the above are true 5) Female bullfrogs are attracted to males with deeper voices, and typically only a few large males mate. The bullfrog mating system is an example of: A) Monogamy B) Polygyny
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D) Sexual promiscuity 6) The half life of C-14 is approximately 5730 years. Which is FALSE concerning C-14 and radio- carbon dating? A) C-14 has the same number of neutrons, but more protons then C-12 B) The age of a fossil 1,000 years can be determined more accurately than the age of a fossil 100,000 years old C) If you died today from stress taking this final, half of the C-14 would have disappeared from your corpse in 5730 years D) The amount of C-14 in your body remains constant until you die 7) Which is NOT correct concerning the size of viruses? A) Eukaryotic cells are usually bigger than prokaryotic cells B) Bacteria are typically about 100 μm (microns) in size C) None of the above (all are true) D) Viruses are much less than 1 μm (micron) in size 8) Cipro blocks the production of an enzyme needed by prokaryotes to replicate the DNA in their nucleoids. You would expect to find Cipro to be used to treat a _____ infection. A) Giardia B) Yeast C) Smallpox D) None of the above (none are prokaryotes) 9) Giardia and Toxoplasma are examples of pathogenic ______. A) Bacteria
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BIO 110 Frequently Incorrect Answers(avec anwsers) - BIO...

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