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Intro Speech Outline

Intro Speech Outline - b Life sends me twister which is...

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Anthony Polzine II Speech 250-005A Introductory Speech Title: _Tornado of a problem ___________ I. Introduction: Tornado’s rip threw cities devastating people all around the Midwest. Spiraling winds at rapid speed tearing threw homes ripping threw streets. A funnel of power that drops out the sky and leaves its mark on the land and then leaves without a trace just a scar left threw the ground leaving its mark on the land. Tornado’s come threw towns on the nicest days almost like troubles that happen to people threw their lives. Troubles can strike on the best day like a tornado it can be brief, it can be a devastating or it can be a moment of clarity. II. Body: a. Many time in my life like most people my problems have been brief Having my car stall out on me on the highway is no fun Then triple A had me waiting in the cold for an hour and half Once they came they left a very big scratch on my bumper Transition: Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worst
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Unformatted text preview: b. Life sends me twister which is just devastating • I found out that I couldn’t get any loans 2 years ago because I didn’t have enough credit hours • My mom dose not make enough to help me out on an AMS payments • So I had to sit out a semester even though I had a 3.2 gpa Transition: Right when I thought all was lost c. I had finally seen the tornado of problems disappear and had a moment of clarity • My mom told me about a scholarship program that someone at her job child had received • I had applied and received the scholarship which payed for my tuition and fees • Then I was fortunate to have a friend that got me a job as an office assistant on campus. III. Conclusion: a. Life’s problems are like tornado’s the come into your life leaving you devastated and scared but once there gone the suns is out for better days. In life you will take losses but you have to take losses to realize how good it feels to win....
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