Will increase in length layer of hyaline cartilage

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Unformatted text preview: or Haversian canal which contains blood vessels, lymph vessels and nerves o Surrounded by osteonal lamellae (ossified one matrix)  ­ circular plates of bone which form the laminated tube or cylinder  Like paper towel wrapped around the cardboard cylinder • Contain yellow marrow LONG BONE Know examples Components: • Made up of a shaft and two extremities Epiphysis (2) – make up the extremities • Made up of primarily of cancellous bone covered by a layer of compact done o Contains trabeculae or spicules of mineralized tissues (Ca and P)  Provides lightness and strength o Acts as shock absorbers and levers • Compact bone surrounds cancellous bone 4 Diaphysis – or shaft – lies between extremities • Contains marrow or medullary cavity o Medullary cavity is important for the laying hen – Ca storage • Covered by compact bone • Site where bone can increase in diameter Epiphyseal Plate or Physis • Also known as growth shaft o Site where bone will increase in length • Layer of hyaline cartilage between the epiphyses and diaphysis of a long bone o This layer will be replaced by bone as animal grows o Cartilage will be fully ossified – replaced by bone  Bone placed on diaphyseal side, cartilage on...
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