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ANT 252 Article 1 - Ashley White 1 Rhodes L A(2005 Changing...

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Ashley White 1. Rhodes, L. A. (2005). Changing the Subject: Conversation in Supermax. Cultural Anthropology , 20 (3), 388-411. 2. The author’s research question was how prisons affect a prisoner’s mental health, and she wanted to learn the degree of their mental deterioration while serving time in prison; she also wanted to know how communication helped to aid the inmates in maintaining their sanity and humanity. 3. The author and his colleagues conducted a study where they visited three of the state of Washington’s control units and they interviewed 97 prisoners. 4. Rhodes conducted her research in the state penitentiary of Washington. She most likely chose this site to conduct research because the university that she teaches at is located in Washington. 5. Yes, the precautions demonstrated in the article are shown by the author omitting the inmates’ identities and changing their names if their names were mentioned in the article. 6. The author is Lorna A. Rhodes; she is an anthropologist professor at the University of Washington. The article
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