TMS 211L Lab Report 4 - Department of Textile Engineering,...

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Department of Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science North Carolina State University Fiber Science Laboratory Report Exercise Number 4 Familiarization with Typical Longitudinal and Cross-Sectional Views of Natural and Man-Made Textile Fibers By Ashley White TMS 211 Lab, Section 208 Submitted to Professor Bhupender S. Gupta March 20th, 2008
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1. ABSTRACT The experiment was completed in order to become familiarized with typical longitudinal and cross-sectional views of natural and manufactured textile fibers and to characterize animal and human fibers. The experiment consisted of learning how to identify longitudinal and cross- sectional mounts of textile fibers and animal and human fibers; to characterize the physical appearance of each one. The results of the experiment display the identity of each fiber and their physical characteristics at the 40X objective. 2. OBJECTIVES (1) To familiarize with the longitudinal and cross-sectional characteristics of natural and man- made fibers in order to assist in fiber identification. (2) To determine the identity and characteristics of human and animal hair fibers. 3. INTRODUCTION This experiment was important to conduct because it showed how to familiarize with longitudinal and cross-sectional textile and animal fibers. The results from this experiment could be used to identify certain textile fibers and animal fibers. This experiment would be important to conduct in forensics when unknown textile or animal fibers need to be identified when investigating at a scene of a crime. 4. MATERIALS A Nikon Binocular Compound Microscope Bottle of water Bottle of mineral oil Small amount of polyester Small amount of acrylic Small amount of cotton
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course ENG AND TM 101 and 21 taught by Professor Mckinneyandgupta during the Spring '08 term at N.C. State.

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TMS 211L Lab Report 4 - Department of Textile Engineering,...

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