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Senior Citizen Interview
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Senior Citizen Interview Page 1 Senior Citizen Interview Jeannie Ray PSY 375 June 23, 2013 Instructor Maria Quintero Senior Citizen Interview Transcript Individuals name: Barbara Age: 71 Location: Chattanooga, TN Occupation: Fur Sales (Part Time) Living Environment: Lives with boyfriend in a rental home.
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Senior Citizen Interview Page 2 Religion: Baptist Q: What activities are you involved with that keep you in shape? A: I work in my vegetable garden and flower garden daily. I also have a part time job in customer service. Q: How does the activities that you participate in now differ from the activities that you did when you were; 20? When I was 20 I used to do everything. Dance, run, swim. .I could do anything and I did for the most part. 30? By the time I was 30 I already had 5 children. I was helping my husband run a trucking business and raising my children. 40? By 40 I was already a grandmother and had moved to Florida to support my husbands trucking business. I was generally active and helped run the office. I often visited the beach on a daily basis and we enjoyed our lives without children. 50? By the age of 50 our business had bankrupted, our grandchildren were older and me and my husband had jobs locally. I worked as a waitress at a restaurant called “The Clock.” We often enjoyed time with our various grandchildren through the summers. 60?By the age of 60, I started slowing down. In my 60’s I had my first experience with cancer. By this stage in my life me and my husband moved to TN and opened a profitable restaurant. My brother died from cancer, mother died from alzheimer's and my husband had multiple health issues as well as myself. 70? By the age of 70 I lost my husband, I was a great grandmother, my restaurant burned to the ground, I sold my home, I entered a remission stage of cancer and I met my second true love. Q: Do you feel that the activities that you participate in keep you mentally sharp? A: I work with young people and an environment that requires me to stay on top of the world of technology. I by far am not at the place I should be but I have enough knowledge to keep me sharp minded. Q: What methods do you use to keep you connected with your family and friends? A: I often call my family and friends but a reduced income reduces the amount of out of town calls I make. My grand daughter set up a facebook page so that I can stay in touch with family that are out of town. She also taught me how to text and send pictures to my grandson that currently lives in Afghanistan. Q: Do you currently have someone that you can confide in? A: I have a wonderful boyfriend that I have known for years that I currently live with. We are not married and do not feel the need to get married. I confine and rely on him daily.
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Senior Citizen Interview Page 3 Q: Do you currently feel as if you are loved? A: I feel an abundance of love. My children, grandchildren and boyfriend all make me feel as if I
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