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creation narrative - John Rankin Eng 238H Dr. Miller...

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Unformatted text preview: John Rankin Eng 238H Dr. Miller Lawlessness of the Law Out of the lawlessness of man, the great lord of creation and death thought to create Judigas, great lord of judgment, bringer of condemnation and freedom. Judigas, after generations of overseeing the well being, order, and law of his people, grew weary in his work and saw fit to create two sons. He called them Protectus and Servos, shepherds and soldiers of their fathers people. Protectus, strong of both body and mind, cherished order above all. He dutifully performed his job as designated by his father, to protect the people of law, but yearned for the day when his services would cease to be needed. He prayed for peace. Servos, the selfless one, yielded his own will to the law in contrast to his brother. For in his vast power, Protectus saw himself to be greater than the law. He had, unbeknownst of his father, instituted his own law, which he hoped to proliferate through his own sons, Narcus, Surveillia, and Prophili. Narcus, the chameleon, first son of his father, was charged with the task of protecting the people of law from themselves. He lived amongst them in disguise, reporting their crimes directly to his fathers father, Judigas. Surveillia, second son of Protectus, gifted from birth with the power of all seeing eyes, was amused so much by the follies of humans that he chose to record and chronicle them. This choice made the people of law hate and fear Surveillia, forcing him to live in seclusion, whereby he became known as Surveillia the exile. Prophili, youngest and most favored son of Protectus, was blessed with the ability to detect, through means unknown, the crimes of any being. Protectus put considerable time and care into the creation of his last son, for he envisioned this son would one day rule over Judigas entire kingdom. he envisioned this son would one day rule over Judigas entire kingdom....
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creation narrative - John Rankin Eng 238H Dr. Miller...

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