Love poem,Dr. Miller

Love poem,Dr. Miller - Cory Ballard John Rankin 3/23/06...

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Cory Ballard John Rankin 3/23/06 Love Poems The following works, inspired by those of Beatriz, Comtessa de Dia, depict a modernized form of troubadour and trobairitz poetry. As with their predecessors, these modern works are fit for public performance and carry the most meaning when spoken aloud. The situation presented below draws upon the supposed life of Beatriz, during which she had both husband and lover. The emotional repercussions of such an affair are detailed from the perspective of each different character in the triangle. At times I care for her, Other times I don’t As long as she cooks, Cleans, and is good in the sack, Divorce her, I won’t. She need realize… I’m the man the of the house, I’m the captain of the ship, I’m the head director of the play, And she’s my main script. I’m broadcasting our love all over, That the KING says “It’s a hit,” She is my property, mine only, So she deals with my skit. The first perspective is that of the husband. The approach is direct and firm, and reinforces the character it represents. This lord expresses his care for his wife as he would for an object. As long as she continues to serve his needs he says he will not leave her. It is little surprise that the wife of such a man would cheat.
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What would you do if you had a secret lover? And you had a husband too,
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Love poem,Dr. Miller - Cory Ballard John Rankin 3/23/06...

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