Phaedo outline

Phaedo Outline
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Unformatted text preview: OUTLINE OF THE PHAEDO 1 2 PROLOGUE (57A-59C) SOCRATES IN PRISON (59C-69E) 2.1 Opening Conversation (59c-63e) True philosopher welcomes death, but suicide not permitted. 2.2 Socrates's Defense of this Position (63e-69e) Whole philosopher's life is a preparation for death. IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL (69E-107B) 3.1 Argument from Opposites (69e-72e) 3.2 Argument from Recollection (723-78b) 3.3 Argument from Affinity (78b-84b) 3.4 Objections of Simmias and Cebes (84c-88b) Simmias: Soul is a harmony Cebes: Soul is related to body as weaver to cloak 3.5 Reply to Simmias (88c-95a) 3.6 Socrates's Story of his Philosophical Quest (95a-102a) 3.7 Final Argument (102a-107b) MYTH OF THE SOUL (107A-115A) DEATH OF SOCRATES (115B-118A) Sunday, September 10, 2006 3 4 5 ...
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