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Unformatted text preview: se to the URL, a custom image is sent to the client over the Internet. Think of Image Chart URLs as a domain­specific language for constructing informational graphics. Well­formed URLs send back attractive charts, while ill­formed ones send nonsensical or blank charts; consequently, debugging Image Charts can be tricky. For this exercise, you will build a 3­dimensional pie chart. The URL syntax for such charts looks like this:,2,1&chl=Chica go|New%20York|Cleveland Note that any spaces in chart data (as in the chart title here, "MLB Teams", and the chart label "New York") need to be written "%20" lest they terminate the URL. The full Google Image Chart Pie Chart documentation is here; peruse it. While getting familiar with Image Charts, you may find the Live Chart Playground helpful. Exercise Your tasks are as...
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