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Unformatted text preview: ps all) of your preferences wrong. We have two separate data files, one for your preferences among chocolate candies, and one for non­chocolate candies. Look in your repositories for two data files: lab5/choc­prefs.csv and lab5/non­choc­prefs.csv. In each file, the data is plain text in comma­separated­value format, known as csv. Open it with a text editor to see what the file looks like (your Mac might want to open it in Excel on your behalf). The batch­io package contains a variety of routines for reading data from files. In particular, read­csv­file is helpful for this exercise. Look over the batch­iodocumentation in the DrRacket help system. Include the package with (require 2htdp/batch­io) Google Image Charts One of the many free software services provided by Google is Image Charts, which provides data visualization from URLs. In respon...
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