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Unformatted text preview: ost production of employees attending the training, materials, etc... 2. The benefits of the training program (in $) additional sales, decreased insurance costs related to on-the-job accidents, more efficient workflow, etc... Return on Investment = Net Program Benefit Cost of the Program Training Program Costs Return on Investment Example Click on the table for training program costs above. For $1 invested into this training program, the company gains $1.47. More on the Return on Investment of training programs: Read: Evaluating e-Learning Workbook by William Horton. Read: ROI: Results Often Immeasurable?. Check out: Spreadsheet to calculate ROI. Check out: Online Training ROI Calculator. Check out: ROI Institute. Slide 7: The Credibility of Estimates Five steps involved in converting measures to monetary values: Step 1 Step 2 4 of 7 Focus on a single unit. Determine a particular unit of output to target for improvement (e.g. output, quality, time, employee behaviour). Determine a value for each unit. Based on s...
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