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Unformatted text preview: Check out: Cost Estimation Worksheet: /2007/05/24/CostEstimatingSummary.pdf Slide 4: Comparing the Costs of Training Programs Cost Analysis Worksheets (Costing Sheets) are helpful tools that not only help to identify the costs of the training program, but also allow for the comparison of training program alternatives. They can be modified to meet an organization’s needs. The level of detail varies according to needs. There is choice regarding what to include. Helps to identify the cheapest option. More on the cost of training programs: Read: What Return on Investment does e-Learning Provide? SkillSoft Whitepaper. Check out: Calculate the difference between online and live training using this tool: Training Cost Calculator Check out: Evaluating e-Learning Worksheet by William Horton Consulting. Slide 5: Calculating the Benefits of Training Programs Cost-effectiveness evaluation A comparison of the monetary costs of training to the benefits of training in monetary terms. Cost-benefit evaluat...
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