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Unformatted text preview: ct costs 2. Indirect costs Costs that are incurred to support training activities, but are not directly linked to a particular training program. These are costs that would still exist even if the training was cancelled. e.g. administrative support, trainer preparation and planning, marketing. 3. Development costs 4. Overhead costs 5. Trainee compensation Costs that are related to the design of a training program. e.g. conducting the needs analysis, development of materials (audiovisual, graphics, manuals), evaluation. Costs incurred by the training department that are not associated with a particular training program. e.g. maintenance of training facility (heat and lighting), equipment, salaries of clerical and administrative staff. Cost associated with the salaries and benefits paid to trainees while they are attending a training program (and subsequently, not working). e.g. cost of replacing the employee. More about costing: Read: Costs according to stages of design process: William Horton Consulting example 2 of 7 12-06-12 7:50 PM eConcordia - Introduction to Training and Development - Lesso... http://www.econc...
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