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Unformatted text preview: ining worth? Training & Development, 50(4), 20-24. Slide 10: Supporting the Costing Function 1. Cost-Benefit Tracking Systems 2. Accounting Treatment of Training Cost Three ways to administer training accounts: a. Allocation of costs. b. Selling the service/cost recovery. c. Policy costs. 3. Record Keeping Slide 11: Case Incident: Extreme Pita extreme_pita Select the image above to launch the Case Incident for this lesson. Slide 12: Key Points Costing is an exercise that involves the identification of all the expenses related to a training program. It can be done either by matching the costs to individual levels of the design process, or by placing the cost into one of five cost categories. Using costing worksheets allows for the identification and the comparison of costs between different possible interventions. The benefits of training programs can be calculated in different ways. There is no consensus on how this is done. 6 of 7 12-06-12 7:50 PM eConcordia - Introduction to Training and D...
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