Cost benefit evaluation a comparison of the costs of

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Unformatted text preview: ion A comparison of the costs of training in monetary terms to the benefits of training in non-monetary terms. Net benefit The estimated value of the performance improvement over the costs of improving performance. Benefit-cost ratio (BCR) The benefits divided by the costs of the training program. Return on Investment (ROI) A comparison of the costs of a training program relative to its benefits. Slide 6: Return on Investment (ROI) Return on Investment is one of many different methods that are used to attempt to quantify the value of an investment (in our case, training). ROI compares the cost of a training program relative to its perceived benefits to the company. To calculate ROI for training, two valuyes need to be identified: 1. The costs of the development and implementation of the training program (in $) 3 of 7 12-06-12 7:50 PM eConcordia - Introduction to Training and Development - Lesso... cost to develop the training, l...
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