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Unformatted text preview: n of job performance in dollars of untrained employees. 3. Number of employees trained. 4. Duration training benefits will last. Break-even analysis: Finding the value at which benefits equal costs and utility is equal to zero. Utility of a training program: ΔU = (T)(N)(dt)(SDy) – (N)(C) ΔU Utility, or dollar value of the program T Number of years the training has a continued effect on performance N Number of people trained dt Effect size SDy Standard deviation of job performance in dollars of the untrained group C Cost of training each employee Slide 9: The Credibility of Estimates 5 of 7 12-06-12 7:50 PM eConcordia - Introduction to Training and Development - Lesso... http://www.econcordia.com/courses/training_development/_lib/... Increasing credibility of benefit estimates: 1. Take a conservative approach. 2. Use credible and reliable sources. 3. Explain approaches and assumptions. 4. Results must appear realistic. 5. Use hard data. Source: J. J. Phillips (1996). How much is tra...
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