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Hardline 1. The idea that capitalism and communism can coexist peacefully is ridiculous. As long as Stalin thinks he can beat us, he will surely try. We must advance our weapons technology in order to stay ahead of him in this arms race. Henry Wallace compares the two social ideologies to that of religion. Wallace says “Several religious doctrines, all claiming to be the only true gospel and salvation, have existed side by side with a reasonable degree of tolerance for centuries” (Are We Only Paying Lip Service To Peace?). This is completely false. More lives have been lost in the name of God than for any other reason, so comparing our present situation with Russia to that of opposing religious ideals only furthers my idea that we need to be as tough on the communist nation as possible. 2. Russia is in no hurry to accomplish its goals. It will do whatever it takes for however long it takes, the reason for this being that it is following its own ideological goals, much like that of a church. In fairness to them, they worked hard to get where they are now,
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