developmental psychology (105) ch 11 book notes

developmental psychology (105) ch 11 book notes -...

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Childgiver-child attachment relationship ° Harry Harlow experiments with monkey suggested that "mother love" is essential to normal social and emotional development. ° According to Bowlby's theory, attachment is a biologically based process that is rooted in evolution and increases the helpless infants chance for survival. ° A secure attachment also provides children with a secure base for exploration. ° An outcome of early parent-caregiver interactions is an internal working model of relationships. ° The initial development takes place in four phases: ° Preattachment (birth to 6 weeks). the infant produces innate signals, most notably crying, that bring others to his or her side, and the infant is comforted by the ensuing interaction. ° Attachment-in-the-making (6 weeks to 6-8 months). infants begin to respond preferentially to familiar people. They smile, laugh, or babble more frequently in the presence of their primary caregiver and are more easily soothed by that person. Infants form expectations about how their caregivers will respond to their needs and thus do or do not develope a sense of trust in them. ° Clear-cut-attachment (between 6-8 months and 1 1/2 years). Infants actively seek contact with caregiver and happily greet their mother. Infants may exhibit seperation protest or distress when their mother leaves. By this time the mother serves as a secure base, facilitating the infants exploration and mastery of the environment. ° Reciprocal relationships (from 1 1/2 or 2 years on). Toddlers' rapidly increasing cognitive
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developmental psychology (105) ch 11 book notes -...

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