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french 50bx paper 1 - Diaz 1 Professor Anne Maurseth French...

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Professor Anne Maurseth French 50BX 29 January 2008 Forbidden love is a common example used in many old and modern romance novels. Such is seen in Madame de Lafayette’s novel, The Princess of Cleves. Madame de Lafayette wrote this novel during the 17 th century a little differently than the usual romance novels at the time. She shortened the novel into one plot with limited digressions and made it less mythical, yet added modern concepts of love which were not in the norm at the time. In this novel, a young girl, Mademoiselle de Chartres, is raised by her mother away from court where she was taught virtues and showed what love is. When she is finally brought to court, her mother inclines her to marry the Prince of Cleves who is in love with her and respects her greatly. Mademoiselle de Chartres, the young girl, does not love this man like her mother taught her she should love a husband, but agrees to marry him any way. However, before their marriage, Mademoiselle de Chartres meets the Duke of Nemours, who she falls in love with as he does with her. Mademoiselle de Chartres still marries the Prince of Cleves however, since the Duke of Nemours also has political plans of marriage of his own. Later the Princess of Cleves confesses her true love for the Duke of Nemours to her husband after so much sorrow it causes her. This confession ends up being the destiny of the novel between The Duke, and the Prince and Princess of Cleves. It brings sorrow and jealousy within the couple, yet it brings further trust, it makes the Princess of Cleves unique, yet unreal in comparison to others in the 17 th cent., and lastly, it allows the princess to relieve some tension of her own, while it causes the death of her husband. Diaz 1
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The Prince of Cleves, being so in love with the Princess, could not believe at first what his wife was telling him. As she finished her confession he told her, “When I could not gain your affections myself, it was some comfort to me to think, that no other could gain them; in the meantime, another has effected what I could not, and I have at once the jealousy of a husband
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french 50bx paper 1 - Diaz 1 Professor Anne Maurseth French...

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