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french 50bx paper 2

french 50bx paper 2 - Diaz 1 T.A Tonnerre French 50BX-02...

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T.A. Tonnerre French 50BX-- 02, March 2008 Essay Question #5 Many people seem to think that they cannot go without a certain luxury. For many who are not materialistic and just use money merely to eat and get by with a roof over their head, this luxury is usually a lover, for the rest who are indeed materialistic however, their luxuries usually include many things that only money can buy. These are two examples of different pleasures people have, repeatedly shown in the novel, Manon Lescaut by Abbe Prevost, by two lovers, the Chevalier of des Grieux, and Manon Lescaut herself. Manon Lescaut was one of the first French novels to introduce love with money involved. Having said that, this tragic novel is about the two lovers’ journey to achieving what they are most fond of, the love of Manon for the Chevalier, and material luxuries for Manon. This is not to say that Manon is not in love with the Chevalier as well, but one can see how much more she appreciates him when money is not an issue to the Chevalier and he can provide her of all the luxuries she wishes in order to comfort her and keep her by his side. That is how, in this novel, money is intertwined with love. At first, everything was well between the two. The Chevalier learned of Manon’s delights and had money to provide for all the luxuries she pleased and didn’t mind putting out all the money as long as he kept her by his side. He said, "Manon was pleasure-mad and I was mad on her, some new reason for spending money arose to every moment, and from regretting the sums she awandered I was the first to buy her anything she fancied...even our home at Chaillot began to get on her nerves...I did not agree but in order to give her some satisfaction I Diaz 1
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said that we might take furnished rooms there" (pg 36). It didn’t bother the Chevalier at first that Manon was so materialistic, for he had enough to provide her with them and her happiness brought him happiness . He even went to the extent to waste more than they
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