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Group Presentations In a land far away from what many have termed “civilization,” there lived a Usually Good Fairy (that’s me!) who shielded a dark and sinister plan for each of the villagers who lived in this desolate region called “Chapman.” The villagers, fair of heart and mind, had traveled to this land from many corners of the earth with the hope that they would uncover the deepest mysteries of the world during their four-year residence in the village. They began to read, to write, to speak, and to learn. Yet, even in this community of dedicated scholars, the Usually Good Fairy’s intentions went unnoticed until. ..the final weeks of the semester! It was at that time that the villagers learned of a task they must complete, and a tale they must tell, in order to venture forth into their second semester. The Usually Good Fairy, reveling in the villagers’ horror at the prospect of this task, read the details of the assignment aloud, her otherwise (usually) decent and (usually) kind voice revealing a hint of a cackle with each spoken word:
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