soc 152 final review

soc 152 final review - Final Review For Soc 152 The final...

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Final Review For Soc 152 The final: Is two hours long Usually had equal weight on all parts of the class Major issues not covered on the midterms are likely candidates for final questions Is not much more difficult than the midterms except that there are more questions - answer 8 out of 10 essay questions and 12 multiple choice questions This review: Covers only material from weeks 8-10 Don’t need to know chapter 3, 18, 9, and pregnancy portion of chap 12. Chapter 10 :sexual orientations Homosexuality o Indiv. Whose primary erotic, psycho, emotional and social interest is toward a member of the same sex, even though it may (not) be overtly expressed Continuum of sexual orientations o Kinsey’s 7 point scale pg 269 KNOW THIS o 0 exclusively hetero, 6 exclusively homo o spectrum – not black and white o males usually 0 or 6; women usually 2-5 bisexuality pages 270-271 Development of sexual orientation psychosocial theories pgs. 271 – 272 biological theories pgs. 272 – 276 o brain differences o genetics o prenatal influences – box of pgs. 273- 274 o gender nonconformity homosexual adults more likely to experience fender nonconformity as children societal attitudes judeo- Christian views pg. 277 1. rejecting –punitive 2. rejecting – non punitive 3. qualified acceptance 4. fell acceptance ( our favorite)
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homophobia = irrational fears of homosexuality in others, oneself, or self loathing towards ones own sexuality o o o see pgs 280-283 about hate crimes homosexuality and the media pgs 283-284 lifestyles o wide range of how people act and live o coming out self-acknowlegement self-acceptance o disclosure o telling the family o involvement in the gay community relationships pgs. 291 o homo relationships may be more flexible than hetero (less GR stereotypes) o gay men tend to have more Pxs than lesbians o Lesbians tend to be closer before 1 st sexual act Gay rights movement and legal issues pgs. 293-296 Pages 300 – 302: perspective on contraception In the past o Ancient Greece, Egypt: 17 th century Europe etc. o
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soc 152 final review - Final Review For Soc 152 The final...

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