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Gestatonal diabetes 10 22213 gestaonal diabetes

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Unformatted text preview: to the mother to increase blood flow to itself so that it grows faster and bigger •  Open up arteries to the placenta •  Restrict arteries in the rest of the mother’s body •  Leads to high blood pressure in the mother with lower pressure in the fetus and therefore a greater supply of blood to the baby •  Mother a^empts to limit blood flow to safeguard her own health to the point that the fetus is viable but not much more than this •  Women with preeclampsia have health problems but give birth to bigger fa^er babies. GestaTonal diabetes 10 2/22/13 Gesta=onal diabetes may be due to parent- offspring conflict •  Fetus introduces hormones into the mother to increases the sugar content in the blood in order to increase its nutriTon •  Mother has to process more sugar than normally and someTmes her blood has more sugar than is healthy for her and higher blood pressure •  Babies are big and fat. Tug of war...
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