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Hunter gatherer childhood 2 parent ospring conict 3

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Unformatted text preview: er animals Lions playing Chimps playing Interest in other’s offspring Hanuman Langur Silvered Langur Borrowing a baby 6 2/22/13 Alloparents Co^on top tamarin Pygmy marmosets Topics 1.  Hunter- gatherer childhood 2.  Parent offspring conflict 3.  Learning & Development in childhood 7 2/22/13 Parent- Offspring Conflict •  Parents and offspring interest are not fully aligned •  Parent would like to invest equally in all offspring •  But each offspring will want more for itself and less for sibling than the parent wants Prolonged juvenile dependence and short inter birth interval in humans à༎ sibling rivalry 8 2/22/13 Parent- Offspring conflict before birth Preeclampsia CondiTon that develops in third trimester of pregnancy in which the mother’s blood pressure increases pucng her life at risk. If develops into eclampsia, the baby needs to be aborted or delivered to save the mother’s life. 1 to 10 cases/10,000 deliveries in developed countries 9 2/22/13 Preeclampsia may be due to parent- offspring conflict •  Fetus will introduce hormones into...
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