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Lec 11 Childhood

Rapid learning young adults adults vigorous work

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Unformatted text preview: between maternal- paternal- offspring interests •  Imprinted genes can influence how much a child consumes at whose expense •  Paternal genes should favor more intense resource acquisiTon from mother in- utero and while suckling than maternal genes 11 2/22/13 Some birth disorders that may be due to maternal- paternal- offspring conflict BWS: overgrowth disorder, characterized by excessively large infants SRS: undergrowth disorder, characterized by excessively small infants Haig 2010 Topics 1.  Hunter- gatherer childhood 2.  Parent offspring conflict 3.  Learning & Development in childhood 12 2/22/13 The logic of delayed returns Prolonged juvenile period •  High resource acquisiTon rates •  Rapid physical growth 0- 5yrs •  Rapid physical growth 5- 13 yrs adolescence •  Slow physical growth •  Li^le physical labor •  Rapid cogniTve growth? •  Rapid learning? young adults adults •  Vigorous work •  On- the- job training •  Rising resource acquisiTon rates 13 2/22/13 Foraging skills take a long Tme to learn Fishing return by age for...
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