Lec 34 Warfare

17 42913 third parfes want cowardice to be sancfoned

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Unformatted text preview: to just talk to him is not enough. Because, it is when he feels the pain that he will have regrets that my people have cursed me and I need to seek reconcilia]on by smearing my body with chyme. If not he will remain like an odorous thing. I will not give because how can I give to a cowardly person who takes cares of his body. It is good I give to a trustworthy person that I know will fight with the enemies in case of any a_ack and die with the enemies. But in his case, he is an enemy because of being a coward. 17 4/29/13 Third parFes want cowardice to be sancFoned more than lack of skill n = 27 Std error VigneKe study to examine at which scale do raiding norms create benefits Compared warriors who raid another territorial sec]on to ones who raid another ethnic group 18 4/29/13 SancFons can sustain a wide range of outcomes Do not steal your village member’s ca_le, but the ca_le of other...
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