Lec 34 Warfare

Lec 34 Warfare

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Unformatted text preview: re people who feared. The ones who feared were behind. Instead of them coming forward and firing their bullets they were staying in the back and firing.” 13 4/29/13 Free riding occurs No formal loot sharing system n=44 desertion Deser]on n=44 battlefield cowardice Cowardice n=41 loot sharing system failed 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 Proportion of force-raids Propor]on of force raids 95% CI Free riders are sancFoned scars from corporal punishment 14 4/29/13 Free riders are sancFoned verbal sanc]ons scars from bea]ngs Free riders are informally sancFoned reduced share of loot speared goat n=3 n=15 (verbal, monetary & corporal) n=6 n=13 95% CI 15 4/29/13 Probed puniFve senFments towards ficFFous coward Coward compared to unskilled warrior 16 4/29/13 To teach him is to beat him, not just talk to him. The only way for him to change is by bea]ng him, having him kill the animals and be blessed. But...
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