Lec 37 Inequality

Kelly 2010 12000 bp uncoupling at least temporarily

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Unformatted text preview: , Curr. Ant.) Wealth β PopulaEon E RS (2515) 0.010 Skelleqea (Sweden 18th c) Av. β 0.10 N In- law networks (249) 0.114 Bengaluru (India) Av. β 0.08 M Estate value (210) 0.642 East Anglians (England) M Land (270) 0.357 Kipsigis (Kenya) M Land (1602) 0.610 Krummhorn (Germany) M Land (58) 0.528 Yomut (Iran) Av. β 0.55 α Embodied (.27), Network (.14), Material (.59) α- weighted average β 0.36 Riches to rags raEo 10.6 Gini 0.48 8 5/6/13 Systems in which wealth is more heritable are more unequal HG- HO α- weighted β 0.19 [se 0.03] PA- AG α- weighted β 0.40 [se 0.04] Difference in IG mobility due to wealth type AND economic system: 45% var in β due to E/R/M 55% var in β due to HG/HO/PA/AG The most important forms of wealth are the most transmissable Implying that parents most assiduously transmit to their offspring the forms of wealth that are most important in that society 9 5/6/13 General Conclusions New forms of wealth & insEtuEons facilitated the transmission of inequality over generaEons Valuable resources worth defending, not domesEcaEon per se 12,000 BP Daughter...
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