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Lec 38 Evolution and the contemporary world

Receptor comes in several alleles drd4 long variant

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Unformatted text preview: epression •  “Psychic pain” hypothesis (Nesse, 1991): •  As pain is to physical injury, depression is to life situations corresponding to potential Titness loss •  Design features: reduced activity, reTlecting on situation •  Seasonal affective disorder (SAD): •  Consistent with reduced activity aspect of psychic pain •  “Bargaining” hypothesis (Hagen, 1999): •  Postpartum depression (PPD): symptoms predicted by loss of investment by father and / or other family members •  Depression as analogous to labor strike 8 Risk- taking and dopamine receptors •  Dopamine is a neurotransmitter involved in the brain’s reward system •  DRD4 is the dopamine receptor •  Comes in several alleles •  ‘DRD4 long” variant contains repeats of a particular sequence •  Associated with development of ADHD •  2 studies found long allele associated with traits related to risk- taking an novelty- seeking (“exploratory” and “exciteable” as opposed to “reserved” and “reTlective”) A link between DRD4 and migration? 9 DRD4 and global migration (Chen et al., 1999) Shaping the world to Tit ourselves? 10 Cultural evolution can shape the world to Tit the mind •  Spoken language (Christiansen & Chater, 2008) •  Written language, letters (Dehaene, 2009) •  Artifacts (Petroski, 1994) •  Literature (Carroll, 2004) •  Advertising (Miller, 2009) The cultural evolution of letters to be easily discriminable by the human visual system (Changizi et al. 2006) 11 12 Hadza social networks (Apicella et al., 2012) • ...
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