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Chapter 10 o PROSOCIAL BEHAVIORS Actions intended to benefit others o KIN SELECTION Preferential helping of genetic relatives, which results in greater likelihood that genes held in common will survive o AROUSAL: COST-REWARD MODEL The proposition that people react to emergency situations by acting in the most cost- effective way to reduce the arousal of shock and alarm o ALTRUISTIC Motivated by the desire to improve another’s welfare o EGOISTIC Motivated by the desire to improve one’s own welfare o EMPATHY-ALTRUISM HYPOTHESIS The proposition that empathetic concern for a person in need produces an altruistic motive for helping o NEGATIVE STATE RELIEF MODEL The proposition that people help others in order to counteract their own feelings of sadnes o BYSTANDARD EFFECT The effect whereby the presence of others inhibits helping o PLURALISTIC IGNORANCE The state in which people mistakenly believe that their own thoughts and feelings are
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Unformatted text preview: different from those of others, even when everyone’s behavior is the same o DIFFUSION OF RESPONSIBILITY The belief that others will or should take responsibility for providing assistance to a person in need o AUDIENCE INHIBITION Reluctance to help for fear of making a bad impression on observers o GOOD MOOD EFFECT The effect whereby a good mood increases helping behavior o SOCIAL NORM A general rule of conduct reflecting standards of social approval and disapproval o NORM OF SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY A moral standard emphasizing that people should help those who need assistance o THREAT-TO-SELF-ESTEEM MODEL The theory that reactions to receiving assistance depend on weather help is perceived as supportive or threatening...
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