Chapter 9 The Art of Design

Does the production show you how the theatre does

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Unformatted text preview: orming for an audience performing How do I know I am watching an How do I know I am watching an attempt at Theatricalism? Is the action of the play set in a theatre? Do characters play roles in a play-within-a-play? Does the production show you how the theatre Does works: how scenery moves and how actors assume their characters? assume Does the play demonstrate how hard it is to Does distinguish between illusion and reality? distinguish Theatricalism Theatricalism Subjective Reality Subjective Reality Expressionism Expressionism Developed in the early 20th century, primarily in Germany – a reaction to the Realists - based on the belief that dreams reveal truth we hide from ourselves in a waking state truth The distorted images of dreams tell us how we really feel. Depicts violent and extreme emotions Developed when artists felt threatened by big govt, industry and Developed runaway capitalism oppressing the individual. World War I was a fulfillment of that fear. fulfillment Shows the world through the eyes of the central character – the only Shows psychologically complex character psychologically Dialogue not real speech. Frequently compressed and...
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