Chapter 9 The Art of Design

The moderation celebrates control balance and

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Unformatted text preview: realism Idealized Reality Idealized Reality Classicism Classicism Based on the belief that we can learn the truth by Based creating an ideal world, through perfection creating The Greeks believed “Moderation in all things”. The “Moderation Celebrates control, balance, and proportion Rejects excess in architecture, the arts and emotion Extreme behavior invites disaster Language is elevated in tone and form, often formal Language verse – Dialogue often takes the form of intellectual debate debate Originated with the Ancient Greeks but has become Originated popular whenever people believed they could improve on nature by shaping the world to a vision of moderation and balance. and How do I know I am watching an How do I know I am watching an attempt at Classicism? Do scenery and costumes remind you of ancient Do Greece? Are they formal and in something approaching symmetrical balance? symmetrical Do the characters speak in formal verse and engage in Do intellectual debate? intellectual Is the central character asserting his/her willpower in an Is effort to control his/her basic impulses? effort Is the tone of the piece intellectual? Classicism Classicism Romanticism Roman...
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