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Chapter 9 The Art of Design

Things happen slower and the seem to have more space

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Unformatted text preview: Peck’s dream in Hitchcock’s “Spellbound” s (designed by Dali) (designed Images are curved, not shown in angry angles, and usually pretty, Images peaceful, and pastel colors peaceful, The rules of space and time are relaxed. Things happen slower and The seem to have more space around them. Images are cheery and unthreatening. unthreatening. Things change into other things, right before your eyes in a playful Things manner manner The logic of the art is associative not causal. MTV (or at least in its original form) is a good example. How do I know I am watching an How do I know I am watching an attempt at Surrealism? Are the visual elements distended into curved and swirling images Are that have unusual proportions, and is there a lot of open space in what you see? what Do people or objects change their appearance and turn into other Do things before your eyes? things Is the tone of the play whimsical, and are you amused by the visual Is jokes? jokes? Is there an altered sense of time, with some things happening faster Is or slower than they do in real life? or Is the logic of the sequence of events difficult to follow? Surrealism Sur...
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