Chapter 9 The Art of Design

Etc esigners like all the areas of theatre must ask

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Unformatted text preview: shape the nature of that The environment environment Religious, political, economic,domestic, Religious, etc. etc. esigners like all the areas of theatre must ask esigners questions, both artistic and practical. questions, From Page to Stage: From Page to Stage: Design Team Meetings The purpose of these meetings is to •Define a central metaphor for the play •Accommodate the physical limits of the theatre in which the play will be performed •Determine and set the budget •Work out scheduling for each aspect of the production •Address possible safety concerns The Questions Designers Ask The Questions Designers Ask ow does the play’’s environment affect and reflect the story s and characters? and ow do the story and characters affect and reflect the ow environment? environment? hat significant details of the environment will define an d hat individualize the characters? individualize ow do the characters feel about the environment? ow does the environment relate to the play’s theme? Historical Considerations Historical Considerations hat is the...
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