Chapter 9 The Art of Design

Objective the central character is a complex hero who

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Unformatted text preview: ticism Based on the belief that truth is shown in an image of Based perfection based on our emotions perfection Stories are set in mythical times and places, because Stories objective reality of our own world is disappointing. objective The central character is a complex hero who seeks to be The unique and true to himself unique The effort to achieve the impossible embodies the truth – the The image of perfection is the most valuable truth we have – “To dream the impossible dream’ dream Truth is found in the quest for the unattainable. The characters speak in idealized dialogue, in beautiful The poetry. poetry. Examples: Cyrano de Bergerac, Shakespeare, Man of La Examples: Cyrano Shakespeare, Mancha and most Broadway musicals. Mancha How do I know I am watching an How do I know I am watching an attempt at Romanticism? Is the action set in a mythical time or a magical Is locale? locale? Do the characters speak in beautiful poetry? Is the central character striving toward an Is unattainable goal? unattainable Are you swept up in the thrilling emotion of the Are story? story? Romanticism Romanticism What needs to be designed? What needs to be designed? cenery roperty ighting Projections Multimedia Special effects ostumes Types of Design Types of Design ealistic – establishes locale ealistic bstract – establishes mood and style bstract Basic Elements of Design Basic Elements of Design ine imension, or mass alance ovement armony Scenic Design Scenic Design he best s...
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