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Chapter 9 The Art of Design

Period theatre presents examples for us to study the

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Unformatted text preview: RMINISM – humans are shaped by scientific, social and environmental forces beyond our control social Darwin, Freud, and Marx are the thinkers of this Darwin, period that influence the period. period Theatre presents examples for us to study The proscenium arch becomes a sort of microscopic The lens lens Naturalism – extreme realism – “slice of life” without Naturalism dramaturgical shape How do I know I'm watching an How do I know I'm watching an attempt at Realism? Does the piece look like the world you know or Does that you believe exists or existed? that Do the characters speak a language you believe Do people speak now or spoke at one time? people Do things happen for reasons you can Do understand, and is there logic that explains why things happen the way they do? things Realism Realism Theatricalism Theatricalism Art that attempts to imitate the imitations of Art reality reality Shows us truth of our daily lives as Shows performance performance Very self-conscious, aware of that it is Very perf...
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