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Chapter 9 The Art of Design

Style munchs the scream painting august strindbergs

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Unformatted text preview: filled with Dialogue anger and violent descriptions anger Visual elements are sharp angles and high contrasts in color - the Visual new developments in stage lighting were a huge influence on this style. style. Munch’’s The Scream (painting) , August Strindberg’s later work, s The O’Neill’s The Hairy Ape, Elmer Rice’s The Adding Machine are all The Elmer The How do I know I am watching an How do I know I am watching an attempt at Expressionism? Are the scenery, costumes, and makeup distorted, and is Are there an extreme contrast between the colors, or does the design use intense colors and sharp angles? the Do the characters speak in short and fragmented Do dialogue? dialogue? Do most of the characters have names that describe Do what they do, rather than individual names? what Expressionism Expressionism Surrealism Surrealism Developed in France during the peaceful years following World War Developed I Puts on stage the fantastical and whimsical images of the Puts subconscious subconscious This group of artists sought ways to express their subconscious This when awake when Examples: Salvadore Dali’’s work, Gregory...
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