Chapter 9 The Art of Design

When practicalconsiderations practicalconsiderations

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Unformatted text preview: time period of the play? hat was the religious, social, and political climate hat of the play? of hat was the religious, social and political climate hat when the play was written? when Practical Considerations Practical Considerations hat are the mechanical requirements, such hat as the number of doors needed for exits? as hat are the budgetary limitations? hat are the deadlines? hat are the physical limitations of the stage? Types of Stages Types of Stages Proscenium Arch Thrust Stage Theatre in the Round Black box Environmental Theatre Apron, or lip Fly system Borders and wings Proscenium Proscenium Thrust Thrust Arena Arena Theatre Terminology Theatre Terminology Apron, or lip Fly system and battens Light grid Borders and wings Upstage and downstage House Style Style ow an artist imitates reality ased on the artist’s understanding of truth irst mentioned by Plato – teacher of Aristotle He called it “mimesis” – meaning imitation of reality He “mimesis” There is a difference between seeing people walking There about in the courtyard and people up on stage. about Theatrical Styles Theatrical Styles Realism Simplified or suggested realism Selective realism Naturalism Expressionism Surrealism Symbolism Objective Reality Objective Reality Realism Realism Most familiar to us Became popular in the late 19th century Has its roots in science – arose out of the philosophy of Has DETE...
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