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writing 2 essay 3

writing 2 essay 3 - Diaz 1 Professor Miller Writing 2A 22...

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Diaz 1 Professor Miller Writing 2A 22 November 2006 Mother Nature: When one is not content with one’s surroundings, one is usually not content with oneself and everyone surrounding them either. It takes the sun, the wind, and the fresh air, and all the other beauty components that nature gives us, for us to feel in place. In other words, Nature, is clearly connected to the way us humans act, human nature. This is clearly shown through the comparison of the and the play “Endgame” by _________, which shows nature being just about completely absent, and the poem “Lines a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey” by Tintern Abbey, where there is a clear view of nature being present. The play proves that when there is no nature one finds them selves apart from the world. One can no longer relate with others like normal humans do. However, as shown in the poem, when nature is not absent, one tends to be in peace with oneself, which allows them to be likewise with others as well. When someone who is used to being around nature gets that privilege taken away, their behavior changes. People tend to be more moody in such cases. In “Endgame” for example, Hamm’s mood change is clearly visible after analyzing his behavior towards his servant Clov the way he speaks of it from the past, and his behavior now seen in the dialogue between the two .“___________________________lines where Hamm speaks about taking in Clov as a young boy when he was in need and father passed away______.” Before, Hamm was able to take in Clov when he was in need. The good
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Diaz 2 nature in Hamm was still visible. However now, Hamm’s grumpiness towards the world,
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