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Creative Resume ART WORK My Chapman Fairy Tale Freshman Foundations Course: Beauties and Beasts class, Fall 2007 In this class we studied western fairy tale literature. For part of our final, we were told to turn our first semester into a fairy tale and present it to the class. I created an autobiographical children’s storybook that told of a princesses trials, tribulations, and triumphs, and received an A on the project. FILM Alcohol (5 minutes) Freelance, Spring 2007 A friend and I created this short film to portray the negative effects of alcohol. My friend did the research and played the female lead, while I turned the facts into a story, did the camera work, and edited the final product. We showed it to a teacher of ours, and she ended up wanting to show it to one of her college prep classes. FILM Dead Girl Cries Murder (30 minutes) Freelance, Spring 2007 A good friend of mine invited me to help turn his comedy/murder-mystery screenplay into a film. I played the lead role of detective Crystal Henderson, helped in editing the
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