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writing 2 Money essay 4

writing 2 Money essay 4 - Human Nature 1 Money and its...

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Human Nature 1 Money and its Nature To Make People Happy Flor Diaz Writing 2 Professor Miller October 14, 2006
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Human Nature 2 Money, money, and more money is what most people think about when they hear the word college. Sure, actually making it to one or choosing the right one can be big parts of college as well, but not quite as big as the money issue. There are students from high schools who don’t even think of attending college because they don’t have enough money. On the other hand there are students who don’t really care much for school and end up having their parents pay their way into college. Whatever the situation is, college students don’t usually have as easy access to money as they did back at home and it is harder to fulfill that human nature need to keep themselves happy because it is usually done with money. This may seem odd because many people say “money can’t buy happiness”, but in reality, it can. Sure, u can’t go to a store and ask for two bottles or pills of happiness for example, but you can buy things that make you happy or at least keep you content with yourself. At UCSB, students interviewed with subjects around money, clearly proved this to be true as well. However the amount of happiness these students at UCSB allow themselves to have as college students, depends a lot on the following three factors: 1) The Amount of Money They Have 2) Where the Money Comes From 3) How and Where They Were Brought up In the Previous Years Through these factors, it is proven that it is human nature to seek happiness, in this case by using money, and that one limits themselves to happiness depending on their situation. The Amount of Money They Have Apart from tuition, books, and school supplies which are expensive, college students also have to worry about living costs which include bills, groceries, and even transportation for those who live off campus. After all these essential expenses, some students have more money left over than others to buy anything else they might want because students don’t start off with the
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writing 2 Money essay 4 - Human Nature 1 Money and its...

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