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writing 2 Mother Nature essay - Diaz 1 Professor Miller...

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Diaz 1 Professor Miller Writing 2A 22 November 2006 Mother Nature: Nature is connected to the way humans act: human nature. We humans have been corrupting the world with all our chaotic man made distractions. People are no longer connecting with their human nature to associate with others like before when nature was seen more. Through the comparison of the play Endgame by Samuel Beckett, which shows the need for nature to be present once again in the city life, and the movement from the city life to nature in the poem “Lines a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey” by William Wordsworth, this is clearly shown. Endgame proves that when there is no nature people move apart from the world and everything in it. One can no longer relate to others like normal humans do in this hectic city life. However, as Wordsworth’s poem demonstrates, when nature is not absent, like in the city life, one tends to be in peace with oneself allowing them to be likewise with others. When people who are used to being around nature, lose that privilege, they become disconnected from their regular human nature and have trouble connecting with others. In Endgame for example, the difference in which Hamm views life, is clearly visible after analyzing his behavior towards his servant Clov in the past and his behavior towards him now. HAMM : Do you remember when you came here? CLOV : No. Too small, you told me. HAMM : Do you remember your father? CLOV (wearily) : Same answer. (Pause.) You've asked me these questions millions of times. HAMM : I love the old questions. (With fervour.) Ah the old questions, the old answers, there's nothing like
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Diaz 2 them! (Pause.) It was I was a father to you. CLOV : Yes. (He looks at Hamm fixedly.) You were that to me. HAMM : My house a home for you. CLOV : Yes. (He looks about him.) This was that for me. ” Hamm remembers that before he was able to take in Clov when he was in need. The good nature
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writing 2 Mother Nature essay - Diaz 1 Professor Miller...

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