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Corey Mantle Mantle 1 Bus 216-02 Machan March 5, 2008 What Is Ethics? What Is Ethics? Ethics In Generality In ethics, we assume that we have free will as well as strong moral standards. Then, the underlying assumptions of this are that we have a right to private property (and also that such rights should be protected by government law) and that we do things based on our moral virtue of prudence. Prudence is the act of taking care of your self and doing what it takes to prosper without infringing on the rights of others to be prudent as well. When we are faced with difficult decisions, we draw on resources to guide our conduct: typically, our character, the gradually formed tendency to do (or not do) the right thing [ A Primer on Business Ethics , Machan & Chesher, p. xiv, Copyright Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.]. There are many different schools of ethics: utilitarianists promote generating the greatest happiness for the greatest number; altruists promote helping others ahead of ourselves; ethical hedonists believe receiving physical pleasure is the most important aspect to seek in making decisions; ethical egoists put themselves ahead of everything; Christians put God and Jesus first; and other religious schools of thought have their ideas about what is most important. While these schools of ethics may have differing priorities, their means and ideas on how to act and what is “right” are typically identical. Therefore, we can find that there is a standard for moral conduct based on the collaboration of all the schools of ethics and that the idea of “what is ethical” exists.
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Mantle 2 Business Ethics The field of business ethics examines moral controversies relating to the social responsibilities of capitalist business practices and the moral status of corporate entities. This
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EthicsEssay - Corey Mantle Bus 216-02 Machan March 5, 2008...

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